This Week’s Pele Report

“Life is like an obstacle course that’s never really done, until I start loving that it’s only just begun.”

Coming out of dreamy Pisces into fiery Aries, challenges and opportunities alike abound. I know I have been through one tough month, jeez! And full of ideas for new beginnings and learning more each day, I am so thankful to be here on the planet at the dawn of a brand new age. The Age of Aquarius has begun for real, but seeing as how each age lasts a couple millennia or so, it takes a while for lasting positive change to become readily apparent. That’s why I look for it every day, and most days, signs are given. Seriously many signs.

Sweet dreams, and as Kaypacha says, “Namaste. Aloha. So Much Love.”

I love this guy.

In La’kesh. We are one.


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