Gaia Star Codex Reading – The Card is Praise

The Gaia Star Codex cards are divination for modern times, perfect for the New Age we have just begun to live in. The colors, shapes and symbols in each card have many stories to tell, and can be interpreted differently by some. Each card was carefully synthesized using computer graphics and objects from Nature. These cards are known as seeds for living in a turned on world.

The name of this card is Praise. The element for this card is flower. The geometry is a seven sided figure on a mandala. The source is pansies on a cyberdelic crystal.

“What tongue is spoken in a turned on world? What language do we hear? It is the song of Praise, the ecstatic speech of rapture and delight. To exalt others with words and to extol their virtues is the tribal tonic that frees us from competition and strife.

In the Gaian reality, interconnectedness is celebrated. There are no ‘others’ only ‘us.’ The power of Praise draws all together through laudatory speech and the wordless acknowledgement of our essential unity.”

This is true cosmic synchronicity that I drew this card, for I have certainly been in this exact mode for the past several days over the Easter/Ostara week of celebration.

Deep peace of the shining stars to you, wherever on Gaia you dwell, my friends. Blessed be.

Oh, and it is crooked because I had to use my Kindle Fire as I need a new smartphone, and it’s awkward.


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