Gaia is Glowing

Gaia is glowing
shining and glowing
holding Her children
with such loving now.

She thanks those who
love Her with
and rainbows
babbling brooks
waves crashing
against shores.

She loves when
our hearts
are open and loving
for when we love another
we love Her too.

She is our Mother,
from her clay
we are fashioned,
all mixed up
with stardust
here for
our sacred dance.

So let us dance
the spiral dance
around Her,
and let us
let our
Light shine for
all to see.

Now is the time to
burn all those bushels
in a sacred bonfire
of Violet Flame
by the sea.

Let this Violet Flame
burn brighter and brighter,
let it bring us
cleansing and healing,
as we hold
hands together
all shining
our Light so freely.

All that is not love
we shall cast into
this fire,
and blaze
that Violet Flame
for all humanity.

This is
our gift to Gaia –
to love each other,
and first to love

@Kamea Moonmaiden

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