Transformational Changes, Part Two

I published the first part of this earlier because of feeling led to do so. And that’s when an answer came to me about why we’re here and why we have gone through so much suffering. As Siddhartha Gautama discovered eons ago, desire is at the root of all suffering. The desire to have more, be better, the list goes on and on. I can remember wishing to be someone else many times over the years, but upon growing up have learned to like the person who I have grown into. The answer as to why we’re here is to teach other. We’re sharing with each other to help ourselves and each other heal.

Loving ourselves unconditionally is key, as is holding that same space for others in our hearts. When in pain, if we sit with that pain without running or seeking to hide from it, we may learn great things about ourselves. The answers lie within each of us, and the more we explore our inner world, the more we will see the ripple effect since spreading healing to the lives of those around us.

We heal ourselves, our families heal themselves, our communities, nations, and finally the world heals herself. Each of us is here for a reason, and the Universe rejoiced the moment we were born and every time we embrace healing, every time another also learns how to self heal and the love grows.

A lot of us have been holding onto our devices too much, no judgment here, I have done this a great deal on my FB site in my quest to help people help themselves. It takes time to recharge our own batteries and it takes time away from our phones to completely relax.

So today I am mostly relaxing, later on will be laundry time but for now all is quiet. My daughter and three grandkids are safely at her grandmother’s house in New Mexico and I am so happy for all of them. Her grandparents are such amazing people. I modeled my parenting after her grandma, with a huge helping of my mom’s philosophy mixed in for good measure. Taking care of myself, however, has always come last and so now that I’m here, I’m going to linger here for a while. The energy is lovely and it doesn’t feel wrong to meditate for hours right now.

Here are some of the folks I have been listening to:

1. Jaclyn Johnston’s You Awakening Now series, and the most recent two meditations are led by Patricia Cota-Robles and by Jacklyn herself and are most powerful and amazing.

2. Time sensitive link here to the wonderful talk mentioned in part one by Jennifer McLean in Working With the Masters: and the link to her book is there also.

I’m going to come back in this evening and paste the other link, along with a few more. As I am just learning the hang of things here in wordpress realm, things take a minute.

It’s just a relief the energy has smoothed out because over the eclipse sleeping was impossible. And no sleep for one night can be so wonderful but several nights in a row so frustrating.

Learning to relax is so important. For some this comes easily, but not for all.

I am currently learning which herbal remedies help symptoms the most and will be learning more and more of this over time as well.

Hang in there, keep seatbelts fastened, we are in for a bumpy ride but the smooth parts are increasing now. Things really are changing, no matter what we see on the surface. In fact, the increased chaos is more conformation that the changes are happening.

Keeping open hearts and minds we walk into the Longer Eternal Now.


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