Transformational Changes

I am snuggled up with my cat Mila at my feet as I write this right before the sun rises, the warm rumble of thunder clouds filling the air with ions. Thankful that this time there’s no headache, and looking back on the past week, it’s hard to believe how many transformational experiences have been going on for the many loved ones in my life, which means more processing for me. It’s funny how many layers there are to be peeled off once we begin uncovering.

I have been studying alternative healing for a very long time, and there’s always more to learn, so I keep on. During my time of finally learning to love myself unconditionally there has been time and space for reading and for listening to teleseminars on healing, which is what I do instead of watching television. Plus, I can listen to these shows while cleaning house or while cooking. This morning I’m listening to Jennifer McLean’s Healing With the Masters show and am loving her so much. It’s a question and answer call and she’s actually giving away her new book Spontaneous Transformations, which I’m going to order later today. Just listening to her is quite delicious, she sounds so down to earth and her laughter is filled with loving kindness. She helps people relate their emotions to physical pain and to transform the emotional charge of the key core causes of it. She has us take our attention to the place where there is pain, hold it if possible, listen to the place which is loudest first and have a conversation with it. Let this area know that we are the nourishing observer. Let it know we are here for it, and as we speak to it and tell it, “I’m here for you. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not asking you to change. I’m just here for you.”

She says whenever we are willing to feel whatever it is that this part is holding onto, and let it know that we’re ready to know what emotions this part has to share. Then we pay close attention to what the feelings are and notice when things begin to shift. By repeating these powerful affirmations of love and acceptance we can love ourselves onto the path of healing. Going on to let this part of ourselves, “I’m so sorry for what happened, and for the experience which caused you to feel this pain. I love you so much and I am not going anywhere.”

This is one of most wonderfully simple methods of soul retrieval that I have stumbled across yet, and I haven’t even read the book yet. While working on these core emotions over the last few days I suddenly realized that as a survivor of a lightning bolt surge strike many years ago, many of the issues I have had over the years is directly related to that. I was surged through a rotary telephone many years ago while talking to my mom on the phone. The lightning hit a telephone pole right outside the Wild Rose Cafe in Pecos, New Mexico where I was holding my six month old baby daughter.

This can cause amnesia, anxiety, PTSD, brain fog, depression, neurological difficulties like paresthesias. Problems with organization also are associated here. Finding this out in retrospect so many years after beginning the quest of figuring our what was making me become ill so many times, often with absolutely no explanation is relieving. And there are support groups for lightning strike survivors too. It’s nice to know I am not alone. The storm is moving in, and the sun is rising now, so time to go take care of me. My daughter and grandkids are in New Mexico so I won’t be babysitting this week. A week off for nana.

May your Sunday be blessed, my frienda.


10 thoughts on “Transformational Changes

    1. You’re so very welcome. I’m gonna share some links to the people I listen to a bit later, after resting. One of my issues is not knowing when to stop, lol. I tend to push the river but now my body has my attention.

      Remember to love yourself exactly as you are right now, and we will all be doing this individually and collectively. ((((HUGS))))

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      1. *hugging you completely, with Love embracing us both*

        You are a treasure, Kamea, and now that I figured out how to get your posts via email, maybe I won’t fall so far behind in reading… 🙂

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      2. Well thank you kindly, dear, and right now a planetary meditation sending love and light to Gaia and Her children in India is about to begin, so in just about an hour, I will return with promised links.

        If I can get better, you can too.

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      3. I have posted the link to Jennifer McLean’s Healing conversation. Also check out Jacklyn Johnston’s You Awakening Now website, just Google those words and it should pop up. There is lots of great stuff there.

        And remember, those little improvements count. And the flare ups, let them pass quickly.

        Om namaha shivaya.

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