She doesn’t belong
to just one culture,
and with her children
she embraces

more than

a few,

daughter of Gaia,
sister of Aphrodite,
her story not linear,
her path’s been strewn
with both rainbows
and jagged precipices –
she’s fallen off
more than two or three.

Pain has been
her intimate lover,
along with gratitude,
eternal, and bliss.
She’s finally come
to discover
the secret of
Healing’s lingering kiss.

Her family
her greatest gift,
this heart love
they carry
into this world

in all-ways.

She’s blessed
by their adventures
now daily too.

Her story longer
in the telling,
her colors vibrant,
her patterns intricate,
she’s learned that



and for the many,
not just the few.

this helps

grant patience
through transitions,

for it’s then when
it’s needed the most.

Close to her emotions,
she can feel them
for many,
balancing chakras
wherever she goes,

she’s a sister, a
daughter, a mother,

she’s a lover,
a healer,
and a friend.

She’s everywhere,
and she’s here
to share beauty.

She has

@Kamea Moonmaiden

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