In Memory of Ruth

For a good night treat, here is the original poem my mom wrote so long ago, when her laughter filled our hearts with joy, and her smile bedazzled strangers wherever she went. She taught us to look strangers in the eyes, to be fearless, and to have love in our hearts for all people, all of creation.

Starchild Lost

You remember me.

I was the one shooting for the stars.

Aiming for the Dog Star Sirius,

I got lost behind

the depthless darkness

of the moon.

And I screamed out,

“If I am supposed to be here,

please give me a sign.”

“But it’s too late you say,
or it’s too soon.
Your only fate you say
is in the darkness of the Moon.

Peek a boo
I see you.

It is we
All in free.”

Then the Moon turned,

and the Sun smiled,

and I came back.

@ Ruth Martin

(May she soar through the Heavens, always laughing over us, her legacy).


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