Ho, Dragon Tamers
the time is Now
to embrace our
Higher Selves,
no longer
is the need
to slay those
inner dragons.

For Gaia is
rising to Her
as more
and more
of us awaken
to our own
connecting to
the crystal core
of Mother,
we embrace
who we came
here to be.

Ancient secrets
now revealed,
are encoded
in sacred texts,
myths and codices
of all people
and all time.

The keys are
also hidden
so as we
we now
tame our
dragons well,
and ride them
to mountaintops
where all masters,
saints and sages
await, and
the Universe
our journey
towards Ascension,
the breaking of
the Golden Dawn.

@Kamea Moonmaiden

This poem is about a lucid dream I had right after the autumnal equinox last year.

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