She carried the world
on her shoulders
until she crumpled and fell,
she fell off the planet –
or so it seemed.
Her children,
she still held
under her broken wings
so afraid to let them fly
into an unforgiving world.

She always gave too much,
while taking in too little.

She hated chaos,
yet it grew
like morning glories,
enchanting her kids,
singing songs against order,

Then chaos linked with apathy
cutting hearts and minds
and bodies too,
watching generations of err
resurfacing yet again,
searching for some soul relief,
elusive, blessed relief.

So she had to
learn to let go,
no longer able
to carry the world,
She watched her kids
blossom and grow,
and finally let them err
on their own
so they could learn and know
how to live in this world.

As Adyashanti says,
enlightenment is a
destructive process.
This mama learned that
lesson very well,
that life on earth
can be heaven or hell,
And it’s up to each
to decide
whether to live in love
or give up and hide
behind distractions,
anything to ease the pain,
because we tend to forget
that Love is the answer
and always the key.
Only Unconditional Love
can set us all free.

@Kamea Moonmaiden


4 thoughts on “How Much Could She Carry?

  1. Just beautiful! This mother of three can really relate. The letting go is perhaps the most difficult part of being a parent but lately I’ve noticed that I struggle with nearly all endings and finality in general, not just in relation to my sons. It’s a tough world out there. So important to love ourselves and each other through it all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it truly is! And can be easily forgotten in the process of caring for others. I lost my own self to the point of not even being able to find something for myself to watch for a while. The rediscovering process has been so enlightening! Thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

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