He’s On His Way Home Without Me

We knew this day would come.
Preparing for it kept our hearts
slightly guarded,
even though on special occasions
we secretly opened to each other
with reckless abandon,
there were always thoughts unspoken,
worries about the future
swept under the rug
along with all the cobwebs
of each of our very full lives.

He’s on his way home without me,
And for now I am just doing
my best to keep breathing.
I had to be strong for both of us –
what a beautiful parting gift
were his tears,
which flowed freely down his
face as he kissed me goodbye.

And for some reason, I, who
weeps soulfully for so many reasons
on so many occasions,
held my tears back,
And waved goodbye brightly,
visualizing that
golden pyramid of Light
around him
as he walked down the stairs
one last time,
climbed into his Ford Taurus
and drove away.

He took part of my heart
with him,
my tall light bearer,
my partner,
my best friend,
my anam cara for life.

I know not when we’ll
meet again,
but something deep inside
tells me we are destined to.
That our plans for the future
will someday come true.

Until then,
I find comfort
in the refuge of words.
The tapestries of poetry
that you all share so freely,
have filled me up –
I am but an empty chalice
here to allow love and light
flow through me.

And I shall sprinkle words
like rose petals and gemstones
across many sacred paths,
and visualize a Merkabah,
an activated golden Stargate
around us all,
to assist with our ascension,
our transition to the Fifth Dimension,
and a complete and total acceptance
of all of my emotions,
and his,
as this day lingers on,
I will listen to my heart song,
and sing it for him,
and then share it with you.


  1. Reblogged this on kameamoonmaiden and commented:

    One year ago today, and still I love him. Though over a thousand miles may be between us, in our hearts there is no separation. Regardless of experiences which have kept us still apart, this love is powerful and true. Hanging in there, standing strong!


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