This poem beautifully describes what is going on at this very moment. Extremely well written.

Poesy plus Polemics

mural-bonampak Mayan Wall Mural from the Classic Period

ancient rainforest rituals
temples raised from the mists
feathered serpent and jaguar
ordained new mathematics
uncanny with notions of zero
great calendar wheels turned
through five thousand years
of a wholesome predestiny
vivid with visions of intricate days
to be passed in sublime alternation
of abject adventure and simple
serenity certain as rise of the sun

astonishing accurate tracings
position the past present future
progression of planets and stars
with an eye to the underworld
steeped in its myths of creation
explaining the purpose of history
deified dramas establishing rational
rights to a realm that forever
would stand in its absolute glory
till fate found a way to conspire
with conquest to bring a proud
culture of warrior priests to its knees

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