Sunset in Stillwater

On the road to Stillwater
long ago, to meet a new lover,
I was enchanted by a crimson sunset
with a purple and indigo sky
just opposite the rising of
a magnificent fuscia full moon.

I stopped by the side of the road
to breathe in all the
beauty of this magical moment –
the moon blushing at her lover,
the sun maintaining his radiant splendor,
so very long awaited,
this chance encounter with his wife.

My heart opened as around me
amethyst and magenta beauty widened –
swirling together in such a Monet
of colors, tints and hues,
rays of golden sunshine,
and patches of turquoise blues,
all mixed by the hands of angels,
carefully prepared for this
rare auspicious moment.

It took my breath away,
I twirled myself around,
feeling my oneness with Creation,
witness to this rendezvous
which the moon had so been longing for.

Twilight’s blanket descended now,
casting deep violet and blue gray shadows
on fringes of green meadows
and forest lined stretches of river.

I thanked the Mother, the eternal giver,
thinking, “What a wondrous gift is this!
You gave us life, then all this splendor –
Nature’s beautiful kiss.”

Nature always provides us
with such gifts.
They are all around us,

if we only

take the time . . .

to pay attention.

@Kamea Moonmaiden


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