Everything is Changing

Everything is changing,
Life keeps on rearranging
as we move closer to the Source,
headed towards peace our course.
Looking up at the bright full moon
let’s see what we can see.
We see our future coming soon,
an unaltered path of Destiny.
We see a Goddess,
filling us with cleansing Light,
filling us with healing energy
through the darkest of dark nights.

Oh, beautiful Goddess smiling
down on all humanity –
embrace us all right now,
grant us peace through all
the insanity of war,
help us to surrender
to the Divine,
give up the hatred,
fear and confusion.
Let us see right now
this is all
but illusion.

Freedom lies

within us all.

Can we stop to hear

Freedom’s call?

When we stop for a moment,
embrace the Silence which is gold,
ever waiting within us
there to guide us
as all masters have long told.

We can unlock Heaven’s gates,
for that key’s within our hearts.
Within this breath
and this heartbeat
is where healing and freedom
truly starts.

@Kamea Moonmaiden


    • Yes, and as our hearts open wider we are clearly building that rainbow bridge connecting heaven and earth. I feel so honored to be entering the Golden Age close aesthetically to you and our loving community of online friends. This is affecting everyone we know in 3D and spreading outwards, wow!

      This eclipse has been intense. Still recovering from it here.


  1. Amazing! Τhis blog looks ϳuist like my old one! It’ѕ on а completely different ubject
    but it has pretty much the same layοut and design. Wonderful cɦoice of colors!

    Liked by 1 person

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