In my family we once gave up saying the word “I” during Lent as part of our spiritual practice. It was very difficult. And this woman was still a child.

If we can see past that “I”

then me becomes we,

and pure love and light

fill our reality.

With our hearts opened wide,
we can look deep inside,

And here we find the key
which we’ve been

searching for.

So we open our
heart doors

And with our minds
open too

we will all be amazed
at what we can do.

The impossible
becomes possible
mastery is not a dream

And nothing ever
quite what it seems.

We are magic, it’s

You are me
and I am you.

So in to me see

            as I into you

After working on our shadows

the unveiling shall begin,

then all humanity will see

who we can each really be –

as if awakened from a long,

drawn out scary dream –

gathering golden dew drops

blessed by Faeries,

we shall dance

hand in hand,

singing songs of jubilation –

we choose Life and Love –

 nation to nation.

We are here, we are awake,

and our power is true!

We’ve finally

been given

the chance




and,   wow,

what a long,

                stranger than strange

trip we’ve been through

And soon we shall all be

together again

the last battle through,

holding hands,

eating grapes

in the Garden.

@Kamea Moonmaiden






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