How can politics promote inner peace?

My dad, Julian Spalding, wrote this compelling article the white washing of media using the tragic Alan Kurdi story as an example which stands in drastic contradistinction from more graphic images of innocent civilians of all ages either killed or injured by the Imperialist war machine. Well worth the read.


I am moved to respond to Jeffrey Gillespie’s column, “Alan Kurdi: Person of the Year,” (Ashland Daily Tidings Jan 8). Initially I simply wanted to agree with his assertions that we are often presented in the media with whitewashed versions of events which reflect the character of our nation, including the effect of war on the innocent. Witness the picture of Alan Kurdi, the 2-year-old Syrian boy who washed up dead on the Turkish coast. This is in contradistinction with the “bloodied and mutilated children that come to us whenever we invade” which “demolishes the sanctity of Western hypocrisy, reminding us of our imperialistic narcissism.”

Gillespie’s assertions reflect my own concerns about the endless wars of aggression perpetrated by the United States in response to real or imagined threats. My knee jerk reaction to America’s imperial ambitions is to point my finger in righteous indignation. However, if I engage in…

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