We just came back from the Future.
We traveled from a distant star.
We came back from the Future
to help humanity see
who we really are.
We are not mere bodies
and not the thoughts
which our minds hold in store.
We are Divine beings
with so much power.
and now our Spirits
soar through the Cosmos
once more.

The days of Atlantis
and Lemuria were true,
and the lessons of those
who misused power
are key to our hearts’
blossoming lotus flower,
and within we can see
how we each can be free,
and love ourselves
and each other

This is it! Time to shine! 

Namasté. In La’kesh.
A’Ho Mitakuye Oyasin.

We and Gaia are One!

@Kamea MoonmaidenFB_IMG_1451019933704

7 thoughts on “We Just Came Back From the Future

  1. You are so truly gifted, Kamea, not only with clarity of vision and a profound understanding of Truth, but with the eloquence of a Muse herself! Thank you so much for being here now; you inspire me!


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