I Rise Like The Phoenix

In the night
of my dying
I walked straight
into the fire –
burned by those
afraid of who I am
and where I came from,
for they’d forgotten
who they were
and where they
came from
ever so much longer
ago than I had.

The flames consumed
my body,
yet I was freed of
all desires,
and I rose
from my own ashes
to start my
life again
Brand New.

Rising,like the Phoenix
into a new life
whole and true
into the morning
of my Living
where I saw Love
by dawn’s first light,
and saw a chance for
humanity to be born again
and make things right.

So find your brightly
colored feathers
and let’s all
Join together,
and rise,
like the Phoenix
into a day brand new!

@Kamea Moonmaiden



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