“Your purification upgrades are fiercely moving you… we are in the fast lane and there is no stopping this unfolding we each are experiencing 😲

Allow your human body to feel everything. Your spirit is guiding you to its next portal energetically, so let go and trust its natural upgrade. These energetic transitions are going no-where fast, in fact they are going to continue to get stronger and move faster in each life on Earth, so it’s good to learn how to be with them as Mother’s Energy increases.

I have been feeling the intense energy again that we are shifting through. I have picked up on the energy over the last few days and have been cleansing and pushing this energy out into the ground. If you know how to do that then it’s highly recommend to do.

You may be feeling moody, grumpy, agitated. Perhaps loss of memory, fatigue, depression not really wanting to be around too many people. Heart or throat palpitation. The heart and throat chakras are very open and very active which you will be feeling. If you feel like expressing yourself then do so or if you feel like crying, have a good cry. Just allow all emotions to be free truly. You are feeling it, know these are all upgrade symptoms, plus part of your own personal transitions too. Nothing happening to you now is happening by mistake… everything you are feeling you signed up to. You are here to grow and transform/transcend, remember.

Some of these symptoms may be rather uncomfortable and intense, or not so for others, it all depends what you are realising and no longer need in your life.

Take nothing personally from how you are or feel and be real gentle with yourself. Try not to take anything personally from anyone else either. Allow loved ones to undergo and feel what they are meant to without getting too hooked in with them. Disturbance or inference from others will just slow the learning process down for you and all. Each soul has a divine activation to learn everything it needs to at the most perfect time. Trust in everything happening here and now.

We have to feel it all to truly understand our individual transitions/lesson. Give people space to truly feel everything… it all has a bigger purpose for each spirit on Earth throughout the fiercely ascending process.

Many may not be able to take these energetic transformations and we will see more and more people move on in other ways. I am witnessing a lot of people have heart attacks and so many people passing over with cancer. Remember the illusion, brothers and sisters. There’s no beginning and no end. Life is eternal. Don’t take life so seriously. You have nothing to fear. Viruses and colds are highly on the move as part of your upgrade, so learn to love them when you get them too. It’s all part of the old energy disposing itself.

Some tips to help shift you.

Learn to laugh (even at yourself when you are feeling grumpy and quite shit… basically look in the mirror and smile😊)
Smile at others – especially those who look the saddest, you could make someone’s day 😆
Chat to someone about how you feel and ask how they are feeling. Sharing is caring and can really shift a lot of energy 👭👬
Put your favourite music on and dance 💃😎
Meditating (sound vibration) is great to attune your chakras 🎵🎶🎼
Walk on grass with no shoes or socks and push your emotions into Mothers Earth. 🌎🌐
Showers and baths with aromatherapy will help cleanse your energy too.
Go for nature walks- connect to animals they will help you shift. 🐕🐶🐞🐝🐜🐬
Drink plenty of water.
Ask for guidance (you will be heard and shown your next step)
Rest, let go and trust.

Know we are all in this Mother’s transition perfectly placed however it is unfolding for each of us. Be, let go and love the ride…

The high or low, positive or negative, it is all divinely helping you balance out your ascension and the new paths you are… or about to walk.

Trust love bugs, I am with you every step of the way. We are in the ride of our lives. We signed up to this, so no complaining, ok? As a unit of Oneness we are helping each other rise on many levels. Remember that love wins so be loving to you and all around you ~ you are not alone 😍

Thank you,

Georgina Beament”

I just found this at Lightworkers of the World and it is so spot on. I have had a cold which is now almost past, and also lost my temper twice in the past week, and that rarely happens to me. I am usually overly patient. I have one young adult daughter who is good at pushing my proverbial buttons. Lol. And we are all well. It’s nice to have more tips to help us through these intense. Finding this was so comforting, since the last week has been super hard.


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