Thursday Musings

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Oklahoma and I was unexpectedly blessed to spend it with my boyfriend. We did a lot of laundry and a bit of grocery shopping, then watched a couple of movies, including “Chocolat” which I hadn’t actually seen in its entirety before. What a great movie! My daughter Nina got off work early, so I only had granddaughter Loralai, whom I regularly babysit, for a couple of hours. She looks like a fairy today, due to wearing a stylish pink tutu and the elegant French braid her mom. gave her.

I was offline all day yesterday because I did way too much heavy housework, which briught on some rough moments. The overdoing while forgetting to listen to my body’s signals is one of my biggest challenges, but I have been getting lots of shadow work done, shining light on my shadow while deeply meditating, and as it slowly dissipates, it too becomes light. It’s impossible to pretend we have no shadow and that everything is love and light, for this only results in stuffing our emotions, creating blocks. Healing is definitely an ongoing process. And this is the perfect time with our planets lining up, and the year we live in according to astrology and numerology for this important work, which must be done both individually and globally.

This year of purification, 2016, also happens to simplify to the number 9, which is such a magical number that the Beatles wrote a song about it – Revolution Number Nine for those who haven’t listened to The White Album. Every number you add to nine remains the same after being simplified, like 9 + 2 = 11, 1 + 1 = 2, and henceforth. And every number you multiply times nine simplifies to a 9; 9 x 5 = 45, 4 + 5 = 9 and on and on. These properties are unique to nine alone. It’s also the number of Love, which is so helpful while we are clearing ourselves on every level, while also focusing and working on clearing and clearing up the planet. There’s a lot of important and hard work ahead of us to clean the water, fire, earth and air. There will be cleansing of the major rivers this Spring, and I will make sure to share the details about when and where volunteers are needed.

There are many ways to clear the four elements in your own aura and home – crystals, singing bowls and chimes, burning sage and incense, fountains or aromatherapy baths, aromatherapy spritzers if you aren’t allergic to them, and yoga and meditation. Even fifteen minutes a day of each can be incredibly helpful.

And we each are here to learn to Love ourselves unconditionally, and to extend that same Love towards all of creation.

A’Ho Mitakuye Oyasin. Rainbow Blessings. Love and Light. Deep peace of the shining stars to everyone.


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