All my life I’ve given away
so much of my own energy, you see.
So now I’m calling that energy back to me.

Whole now, not broken,
Healer and healed I be.
So now I cherish my own energy
and Divine energy flows through me.

Om shanti. Om shanti. Om shanti.

@Kamea Moonmaiden 2012


4 thoughts on “Energy

    1. So true. A healer I was recently was listening to on Sacred Stories said that’s because when we don’t process our emotional stuff, our inner woundings, they manifest physically because we pay attention to physical pain (only once it becomes severe for us serious troopers).


    2. Yes, and we don’t listen to our bodies until they are screaming at us. But my own body has my attention finally. And it’s taking some serious time for absolute healing. Having patience isn’t easy.


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