Wolf Woman



For my mama – who left for her home in the Heavens seventeen years ago. Right above the Dogstar Sirius she shines now, watching over her children, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren – and everybody she loved – and they are many, yes   

Wolf Woman

You tried to conquer death,

Immortality just beyond the grasp

of your unclenched fist.

Your totem was the wolf.

You wrote about howling at the Moon.

Wolf-like – you were always loyal to us pups,

cared for us with fierce devotion.

Wolf-like, you danced beneath

the silvery crescent of the Moon.


One night, swimming foolishly

with disaster,

the Pacific Ocean Herself was

none too mighty for you

to choose as a dance partner.


You swam out into Her turbulent depths,

riptides pulling you ever further from Her shores.

Sensing your distress, I lost my breath

as you were swallowed by Her watery mouth –

for we were always psychic twins, Mama dear.


Sensing surrender, the Ocean gave you back to us for a while.

Back to the warm safety of Her shores.

Back to dancing moonlit nights.

Back to drunken unharnessed power nights.

Back to being the only Mama we ever knew,

your brush with death only one of many,

scarcely heeded, soon forgotten.

The Moon your only witness,

sometimes your only friend it seemed.

Many nights you howled at Her.

Transformed into your Wolf self

you worshipped Her in all Her

shining glory.

The Moon gave you Her Light,

Her beautiful Heart song,

and her reassurance that

She would always be

your guardian

your sister

your mother

your heart.

The Moon knew who

you really were.

A wise, yet foolish wolf-woman

freshly fallen from the stars.

You always said you

came back too soon –

and you never did grow old.

The stars called you back to them

when there was no place left

for you to hide on this bright blue

and painful planet.

Now you are one of the stars, Mama,

and you shine above the Dog-Star Sirius.

Ruth’s Light Shines Forever –

in the night sky and in our hearts.

@Kamea Moonmaiden


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