Taking Time to Heal

Letting Go is Freedom

In this fast paced world it’s rare when we are given a chance to rest long enough for proper healing following so many types of extenuating circumstances; surgery, childbirth, major illness, or exhaustion. It’s great to accomplish many things each day, but the tendency to constantly fill our lives with busyness is in stark contrast with the hours of rest necessary for healing of body, mind and soul.

It can be incredibly challenging to fill up the hours of not being busy while repairing ourselves. Some people fill their days with television or videogames. I have found myself many times overdoing my social media interactions and not properly resting, all while sharing thoughts on healing. I decided to work on that, to limit the amount of time I spend socializing online and focus instead on writing, so I finally began this blog.

I have found over and over again that surrender is key to freedom from suffering, yet many of us have felt that this act of surrender can only be achieved by struggling, when actually it’s an act of simply letting go. Finding that peace which passeth understanding has literally saved my sanity many times.

As a young teenage mother, I found this peace sitting by the Pecos River. I had just read Siddhartha, and spent hours noticing how the water was constantly changing yet always remaining the same. It is the same with our bodies. And when we relax into this state of peacefulness, we allow our bodies to truly heal.

Our bodies know what they need. We just have to take the time to listen to them. Gentleness is key. Being gentle with ourselves while always moving forward, doing the best we can, and treating ourselves and others with unconditional love enables us to walk in Grace.

Each experience we go through has a lesson for us, for we came here to heal. So remember to breathe and be gentle with yourself. I am letting go of negative self talk and instead use mantras like, “I am feeling better and better every single day” and “I am healing,” and rather than focusing on various problems and challenges, I usually focus on all I have to be thankful for. Then I realise that what I thought was a problem was actually a gift.

When we realize the gift being given with these types of experiences, we can truly heal on a cellular level. And as healing is an ongoing and personal process, each of us heals at our own pace. It’s important to let our bodies guide us through this process.



  1. Thank you Kami. Letting go brings us face to face with our willingness to trust. Do we trust the sacred process of life to lead us more deeply into healing? How can we embrace allowing this process to move through us unimpeded? I love that your writing raises more questions than answers. That is exactly how it should be. Your words are prompts that we are invited to follow. đź’–

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