I Still Talk to the Moon

I still talk to the Moon, you know,

and sometimes, She talks back.

My mama showed me how

the Moon watches over us always,

and during long road trips

across the country

every time I looked out

the back window of our car,

She was there, watching over us.

I still talk to the moon, you know,

and one time,

She not only talked back,

She showered me with

visions of the future,

visions of blessings to come.

That night, so long ago,

the Moon led me to to the River,

where I found the peace I

needed so badly.

It was there I heard

a multitude of angels

singing in high chorus.

From then on,

the Moon and the River

became my comforters.

Whenever I was confused

or even hysterical,

I would go sit by the River

and remember my

Oneness with all of life;

and at night I would look

up at the Moon and

give Her thanks.

I had to leave that life,

that beautiful valley

under the Sun –

only 19 and a mother –

so young to have

the Kundalini rise,

and to learn to talk to

the Moon.

I still talk to the Moon, you know,

and when I remember, I take my

crystals outside and let

Her charge them.

When I remember, I lift my arms

in gratitude,

knowing I am Moonmaiden, and

She fills me with Her power.

She shines Her light on me,

giving me hope.

She lights my way in the darkness –

She brings me inspiration –

She reminds me of my mother,

who left so many years ago,

reminds me that death is but an


and that is how

She talks back to me.

A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin



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