Happy Wolf Moon in Leo!

FB_IMG_1450416159197.jpgSource: Wolf Moon in Leo

This particular full moon is excellent for friendships and romance, for Leo rules the heart. And right now, five planets are lining up in our night sky – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. We’ll be able to see them just before dawn until February 20. Winter is always a good time for introspection as well, and with this heart-filled auspicious Wolf Moon, focusing on family, friends and partners is most rewarding. This is also a great time for lots of little conversations, for bringing issues to the surface in a loving way. That way we can avoid the same issues building up inside of us and then exploding in an unloving way. Even Dr. Albert Einstein acknowledged that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. May your hearts be filled with this Unconditional Love, and remember to charge your crystals today and tonight.

Namasté, my friends.


Love and Light,


Kamea Moonmaiden






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