Healing and Spirituality

Spirituality can be of great assistance during any healing process, and can enhance the quality of every day life in a multitude of ways. Mystics like Rumi, St. John of the Cross, St. Theresa of Avila and many others reached a point in their personal spiritual journeys where they left religion behind. This doesn’t mean they left prayers behind, for prayers open up our hearts and help us connect to our Higher Self. It doesn’t matter what religion the prayers originate from – as long as they increase the Love in the Universe, then they are worth cherishing, repeating aloud and silently, many times throughout the day. I personally use prayers to help find parking spaces, and it always works as long as I get a five minute head start before reaching my destination.

Right now I’m healing from a failed neck surgery which was performed eight years ago, and due to the busy nature of my own life wasn’t discovered until a few months ago. Spirituality has been of so much comfort and assistance to me during this rather lengthy process. Every experience in life offers new opportunities to be of service, so to keep busy while going through the healing process, I am babysitting my wonderful 5-year-granddaughter. I have always kept myself extremely busy and was introduced to spirituality as a child. So facing several months of not going to school or working at massage or medical transcription gave me the opportunity to self educate about spirituality and healing. Spending time with my granddaughter is very rewarding, and one of our favorite activities we share is coloring mandalas. This is very calming and uplifting, as is kundalini yoga and many kinds of meditation I enjoy. My mom taught me how to meditate as a young girl to help my stomach aches. At the age of 11 she took me with her to a spiritual retreat held by The Holy Order of M.A.N.S. Our family attended services with this church, considered Paulean Catholic, for several years. We learned a lot about the mystical aspect of Christianity, especially the white light of Christ, but eventually left when my parents figured out there was a great deal of dogma included, something they wished to avoid during their journey.
Later on, when I was 19, my mom took my sister and I to a seminar in northern California, at Campbell Hot Springs, led by Leonard Orr. This was close to Mt. Shasta and the energy was quite intense. There were dozens of healers from around the world gathered there, and after a series of rebirthing sessions, many of them in the naturally hot mineral springs there, my kundalini rose. My heart was filled with bliss and love for all humanity. I also felt like I was walking on air, for I hadn’t learned the art of grounding yet.
This experience changed me forever, and despite many rough times along the way while raising six children and doing medical transcription, meditation always helped me to overcome the obstacles which inevitably crossed my path. As they say, we will keep having similar problems until we learn the lesson intended for us – the lesson we asked for before returning to earth this round. Through my years of studying and practicing various types of spirituality, I have done past life regression and regained  memories of many of my previous lives. I had certain memories of past lives within me since I was about two years old. As I became more practiced at rebirthing, I was finally able to return to my golden self, that self which is without error, the perfect yet individual perfect body each of us inhabits before returning to the third dimension. As I witnessed my own birth, I visualized my mom receiving the support she needed which she hadn’t actually received. I did this particular session last September, right become the Blood Moon total eclipse, and following this spectacular session which I did by myself, all sorts of healing events in my family began to happen. My brothers and sisters and I began to connect frequently and lovingly. We live far apart from each other and when our mom passed away seventeen years ago we seemed to gradually drift away from each other, caught up in the whirlwind of life and each of us our own personal sacred healing journeys. For quite some time we hadn’t been communicating often at all. Reconnecting with them has been incredibly beautiful and inspiring. And we are all feeling the guidance of our mom so much more strongly now. What a cosmic coincidence that we all opened up and had spiritual epiphanies right when the planets were aligned and the amazing eclipse happened.

I was blessed to attend a local Groovefest festival (hosted by Amnesty International and sponsored by local businesses) the day of the eclipse, and many friends who were aware of some of the hardships I had been going through came up to hug me and tell me they love me. We watched that eclipse following Groovefest and sang, danced and drummed while completely honoring the magic of the moon and extremely visible eclipse. We live in a wonderful community in Oklahoma, and having lived here for 22 years and having been born here, our family has connections everywhere. One of my sons practices yoga and Qi Gong, teaches yoga, and has lots of friends in our thriving yoga community. He also does Thai yoga massage, another great alternative healing method.  I also trained one of my daughters to do massage, and she is quite gifted. The healing touch runs in the family. I have found that a combination of naturopathic and allopathic medicine to be the best healing plan for me right now, with a strong emphasis on good food, herbal teas and lots of filtered water and giving thanks every day for every blessing.

My Bachelor’s is in Writing, which I acquired a year and a half ago. I realized I wasn’t going to be able to keep doing massage full time because of the injury to my neck, so I went back to school. I love writing, and especially love reading about mythology and folklore and seeing the spiritual messages portrayed. Poetry is also one of my gifts, and I will be setting up my poetry page here pretty soon. This is my first experience blogging. I have been following some other bloggers and am a quick learner. I’m looking forward to contributing helpful and inspiring blogs during this journey.

In the meantime, healing and spirituality are my main focus. This is such an exciting time to live in, because during that cosmic eclipse a huge wave of energy hit our planet.It came from the black hole at the center of our galaxy and was called Wave X. At the same time, solar flares also bombarded the planet. And even though wars, corruption, greed and so many other atrocities still exist, this is because the darkest hour is just before the dawn. All that is unlike Love must come to the surface in order to be blessed and released. So keep shining, beautiful people, for every awakened and illuminated heart shines brighter than the Sun.


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